Tell me More about Merchant City in Glasgow

Savvy travellers know that researching a little about a destination you plan to visit, not only builds excitement but also saves time when you arrive to make way for discovering, immersing, and maximising the time spent there. Glasgow is no different, so we are delighted to welcome you to our hotel, the Brunswick Hotel, Merchant city. If you want to get a feel for the area you’ve chosen to stay, check in early and get up close and personal with what is considered one of the most stylish and architecturally beautiful parts of the city.

So, what is Merchant City? Well, it’s a historic quarter in central Glasgow with a vibrant and luxurious atmosphere. It is home to trendy bars and restaurants, boutique hotels, and designer shopping. The district extends from Merchant Square to Royal Exchange Square and is a popular spot for a city stroll or people watching at a sidewalk café. (You’ll be glad to know that we Glaswegians are experts in catering for all four seasons in one day) It is also home to the Glasgow Gallery of Modern Art (GoMA).

Dating back to the 18th century, our neighbourhood was known as the warehouse district for our city’s wealthy merchants, hence the name. In the 19th century and early part of the 20th century, it lost its vibrancy due to rise of the industrial revolution. Luckily in recent times an enormous about of development work went into bringing the area back to what it was meant for, a place for locals and visitors to enjoy buzzing with shopping, cultural attractions and incredible restaurants and nightlife. Once you stay at the Brunswick, Merchant city, you’ll never want to choose anywhere else.

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